What is “ACEA”?

Arab Campaign for Education for All is an independent, non-profit coalition, consisting of networks, coalitions, non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, teachers' unions, associations and other sectors which are interested in education in the Arab countries. ACEA seeks to unite and mobilize the efforts of civil societies to ensure the accomplishment of the goals of Education for All.

The founding of the Arab Campaign for Education for All comes within the framework of the Global Campaign for Education “GCE” that based on  Jomtien  conference 1990 and Dakar conference in April 2000. The announcement of ACEA was mentioned in Sanaa Declaration during Sanaa Conference that was held in the 27th May 2009. The goal of ACEA is to contribute to the promotion of education as a fundamental human right, and to mobilize efforts to put pressure on governments and the international community to fulfill their promises in general pertaining to ensure free and compulsory basic education of good quality for all especially women and vulnerable and disadvantaged children.

Arab campaign for Education for All ”ACEA” is committed to achieve its mission in the framework of objectivity, transparency, accountability, and equality following democratic standards in all plans and procedures in line with the Global Campaign for Education for All “GCE” and its commitments in the World Conference for the year 2001 in order to build an international movement based on the principles of good governance.

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