Morocco Coalition for Education for all

The Moroccan Coalition for Education for All

The Moroccan Coalition for Education for All was established in 2010 during the social forum held in Buznaika, in the presence of more than 60 representatives of civil society organizations, trade unions, DVV International, regional coordinator of ACEA and the peace movement. During the establishment meeting, held in Mawlay Rashid center in Buznaika, Morocco the issue of education was discussed as an important issue.

The organizations agreed that the Moroccan coalition for education is an opportunity for a fresh collective start with the ability to take action and impact issues of education and training, in addition to integrating education in Morocco in the daily interest and essence of the people, such that Moroccan education will become a school for all citizens to receive good education and training, disseminate human rights and citizenship approaches and rehabilitate education cadre to contribute to sustainable human development in democratic building.

Additionally, the responsibilities of the coalition were determined and its role in adopting education issues in all its aspects and fields, because educational problems are not the sole responsibility of those working in the educational sector; instead, it is a collective responsibility.

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Coalition Coordinator: Ahmed Sehouate


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